Introducing the first

Clim@ Scaler cohort

Meet the top 7 ventures who will participate in the Clim@ Scaler 2022 program

We are excited to share that the Clim@ Scaler 2022 green ventures have been selected. After launching the Clim@ Scaler on March 8th, we received over 150 applications from 28 different countries. The selected ventures solve problems  across smart irrigation, smart city, energy supply optimization, renewable energy generation, carbon reduction, and circular economy segments. In April we took the time to evaluate them, and we have invited the top 25 to be interviewed. Today we are excited to share with you the top 7 ventures who have been selected to partake in the Clim@ Scaler 2022. 

An important criteria that led us to  selecting these ventures was their ability to create direct impact, solve pressing climate challenges, and last but not least the  founders vision, as behind any successful venture there is a dedicated team that is driving it forward. Therefore, the following ventures all have a visionary team with great potential to scale their impact. We are looking forward together with teams at Green for Growth Fund (GGF) to help them reach their next milestones. 

Introducing the 7 Ventures who will participate in Clim@ Scaler: 




Effa is a Ukraine venture that is fighting global plastic pollution by creating 100% recyclable and renewable hygienic products, such as toothbrushes, and razors. By implementing their products in customers such as hotels and airlines, they can reduce the amount of disposable plastics they are using by 30%. 


“We are very excited to join the clim@ scaler program during these challenging times for our country. We are willing to get into the EU markets, develop our network and brand there, the same as we did before in Ukraine. We want to learn how to make Effa a real international brand.” – Co-founder




Prioritizing solutions in line with the Food Recovery Hierarchy, FazlaGida offers a digital surplus management system platform for donating, recycling and reselling surplus food and data analytics to reduce waste at the source. In 5 years, more than 30,000 tons of food have been saved, 1,100,000 people in need received food donations, and 75,000 tons of carbon emissions have been prevented in 36 cities of Turkey. 


“As one of the startups that have worked with the GGF team and know the Rockstart vision, we believe that Clim@ Scaler will give us the needed training, mentors, and most importantly access to international and local advisers on how to expand our technology to Europe.” 


Fusebox Energy


Fusebox Energy is a platform for trading and managing flexibility in electricity consumption. The platform is used by companies in different countries that have flexibility or whose clients have flexibility. Clients get CO2 savings and revenue in return for their flexibility. Fusebox tackles the inefficiency of the grid and pushes fossil fuel generators away from the electricity system. 


“The Fusebox team is excited to get more knowledge about new potential markets for expansion, find cooperation partners in different countries and to learn about new sustainable energy solutions and approaches.” – Co-Founder




With growing food demand, and water scarcity in the MEA regions, PlugnGrow has developed a simple plug and play hydroponics system to make the transition to soilless agriculture simple and economical in the most competitive markets. Plug’n’Grow maximizes crop yield per water drop to enable our planet to sustain the growing global population.


“It is time for Plug’n’Grow to take its strong technical and commercial expertise from the local to the global level. We are certain that Clim@ Scaler will enable us to conduct the right collaborations and strategic partnerships to make this possible.” – Founder 


Solarify– a Loggma Solution  


Solarify’s mission is to contribute to the next generation’s sustainable energy production and consumption by offering an all in one, digital solution that uses a mix of hardware and artificial intelligence algorithms to detect energy losses with high precision allowing solar power plants to generate more power.


“We are happy to be a part of this program which supports innovative and sustainable solutions for a green future, and looking forward to seeing which corporate connections can be made through Rockstart and the GGF”  – Co Founder




Tagaddod provides a tech-enabled collection of waste oil and fats. The company collects used cooking oil disposed of by restaurants and offers free products in return for the used cooking oil wasted by households. Thus far Tagaddod’s collection infrastructure is supporting over 2K collectors through its network to collect over 1 million kilos of waste monthly. 


“We are looking to strengthen and grow our Network in NL and EU to scale our operations globally, we believe that being part of the Clim@ Scaler it will bring us that much closer” – Co-Founder




Wattnow is an IoT smart energy management solution designed to help companies reduce their costs and their carbon footprint. They combine hardware and software to collect and monitor real-time energy data, control and automate certain loads, with everything accessible on a cloud-based dashboard and powered by machine learning algorithms.


„We are very excited to be part of the clim@ scaler program by Green for Growth Fund and Rockstart. We are confident that the program will help us gain some valuable insights, spanning from industrial expertise to access to potential investors and partners, all essential elements in our expansion plan for the coming year.”


The next step for these ventures is to go through an extensive needs assessment with Rockstart and the GGF TAF where we dive deeper into each venture and understand what their challenges are when it comes to scaling. We will then tailor the Clim@ Scaler 2022 to these needs, and see where we can best support. 


Want to learn more about these ventures or about the Clim@ Scaler, reach out to the team.